खेल - कूद गतिविधियों का विवरण -

Apsil Ajosh got the bronze medal in the All India invitational open Martial Arts Championship 2012, held at Pune.

Dhruv Tak secured the brightest spot in the podium, winning the gold medal in the National Jeet Kunedo Championshp of 2012

Avijeet Sapui of class VII showed an emphatic reflection of his aesthetic talents in securing the gold medal in the second all India child Art competition.

K Mohit Narayanan of class VI showed tremendous promise in securing the gold medal in Shadow Sparring in the International endurance sports championship 2012, held in Thailand.

Rohit Tevatia and Hardeep Bhatoa of class XI and XII respectively were both members of the under 19 Cricket team which stood a respectable second position in the 43rd KVS National sports meet, 2012.

Twelve students were selected for the KVS National Sports Meet in the following sports: Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Lawn Tennis and Judo.

Rhythm Arora Secured Gold in Judo.

Vakta Saroha secured Bronze in Lawn Tennis.